Apartments in Denver with a Clean Design

Everyone knows that a clean home is a happy home. While you don’t have to make it completely acceptable for a Hazmat team, clearing out any and all contamination – even the tiniest specks of dust, it helps to make sure the floors are clear of big debris, that your shelves are organized and proper, and that you have plenty of space to sort out all your belongings in a neat fashion. At Alexan Cherry Creek, our beautiful luxury apartments in Denver allow you to achieve your spring cleanings with ease, thanks to our convenient amenities and features.

For starters, most of the installed flooring in our luxury apartments is easy to clean and maintain. Match your favorite color scheme and make your furniture pop against the lovely modern wood-style flooring in the living rooms,...

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A Denver Studio Apartment Full of Style

Everyone tends to have the wrong idea when it comes to studio apartments; they think they’re too cramped to be livable, and that their amenities are typically basic and cheap. However, at Alexan Cherry Creek, our luxury Denver studio apartment floor plans not only exceed expectations, but they shoot over them and all the way back. Our studios are roomy, luxurious, and overall comfortable for...

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The Colorado Ballet: Art in Motion

Dance has been a recreational activity and art form for thousands of generations, and there are so many reasons to join in on the party. For one, it’s good exercise, giving you improved cardio, balance, and flexibility in your muscles regardless of your skill level. Secondly, there are dozens of different forms and variations of dance to enjoy, from the perfect and graceful turns and leaps...

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Denver Apartment Community and A Weekend Escape

For most people in the working world, Saturday and Sunday have more meaning than just two days on a calendar. They mean forty-eight hours where you can take a break from waking early, to think about things other than...

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Cooking with Style in Cherry Creek Apartments

There’s no denying that cooking is an essential skill. Not everyone has to be an artisan chef like in those TV specials or the fancy five-star restaurants that have a yearlong reservation waiting times but learning...

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