Denver Christkindl Market: German-Crafted Christmas Cheer

Every country, every culture, and every religion has their different holidays throughout the year, but all of them connect in a magical way every December. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Yule, or any other holiday during this time of year, everyone is encouraged to open their hearts to compassion and goodwill and to share their jolly festivities with friends, family, and loved ones. Here at Alexan Cherry Creek, we give a worldly expanse of holiday celebration through our great location in downtown Denver, and the Denver Christkindl Market, in particular, stands out for the rest.

Opening its doors again just in time for the yuletide cheer, the Denver Christkindl Market is in full swing, giving an authentic German Christmas experience for every visitor; it’s located only four miles away from our luxury apartments, a 12-15-minute drive through the city. With over dozens of vendors in this expansive marketplace, it’s possible to find something on everyone’s holiday list here: illuminate your home with stunning lamps from Infinity Lights; find the newest favorite ornament for your Christmas tree at Old German Christmas or Unique Ornaments; warm yourself with toasty hand-made garments from Winterbourne Alpaca or Serenity; and so much more. Taste authentic German treats and beverage in one of the many food and drink vendors, ranging from Gluehwien – a hot spiced wine, Rostbratwurerste – charcoal grilled sausages, and sweet roasted apple brataepfel. Finally, live performances and fun family-friendly activities are available nearly every day, so it’s a new experience for you and your loved ones every time you visit.

Give yourself a worldly holiday experience right by your home at Alexan Cherry Creek. Explore our grand luxury apartments in Denver today, and then check out the Denver Christkindl Market before they close their doors again after the 23rd.

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